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The perfect choice for high-level competitions

A true masterpiece that offers the best in sporting performance, for those who seek to deliver the finest quality experience. A padel court that transforms the game into a spectacle, using a system employed in setting up stages and grand shows. It’s show time.

The best quality experience

The structure of this facility is defined by impeccable cohesion, thanks to meticulously joined frames that endow it with unparalleled solidity. The lateral areas are distinguished by being composed of symmetrical units, formed by tube frames and electro-welded mesh, fused through welding. These frames are strengthened with horizontal reinforcements, designed to preserve the integrity of the mesh over time.

A notable innovation is the design of the tube that holds the mesh, which is perforated laterally for the insertion of the electro-welded mesh. This advancement not only provides an effective and unique anti-injury system but also ensures a uniform surface across the entire structure, securing the players' safety by completely eliminating any sharp edges or poor finishes. This careful balance between technical innovation and attention to detail elevates the game experience, ensuring a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for all.

A padel court that transforms the game into a spectacle

The essence of our courts is defined by unity and strength, starting with the foundations prepared to host the glass, whose top part is crowned with a structural tube ring. This ring, assembled from three interconnected pieces, is the pillar of unprecedented robustness for the entire structure. This top ring, meticulously affixed to the sides through mechanical unions with structural pillars, ensures that both the sides and the backdrops merge into a single entity. This careful assembly promises a cohesive and harmonious structure. At the apex of this ring are the supports designated for the glass, firmly welded, offering definitive stability that promises a secure and durable installation. The base of the backdrops, featuring a uniquely designed foldable structural piece, includes a guide that will facilitate the precise insertion of the glass, ensuring flawless alignment.

Above the glass, the upper modules, made of electro-welded mesh and fixed to unique conical side pieces from our range, reflect our passion for aesthetics and functionality. This design not only beautifies but also ensures uniformity in the bounce, elevating the playing experience to excellence. This conjunction of technique and beauty, where every detail has been meticulously considered, sets our courts apart, establishing new standards of safety, aesthetics, and performance in the world of padel.

Make it yours.

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