Padel in high defininion.

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Maximum visibility for both players and spectators.

An immersive padel experience like no other, providing maximum visibility for both players and spectators. It's the centerpiece that dominates the scene. The perfect balance between elegance and safety, it’s set to redefine the game forever.

The centerpiece that dominates the scene.

The Full Vision court structure is distinguished by its extraordinary solidity, achieved through interconnected frames that endow it with unparalleled robustness. On the sides, we encounter symmetrical units comprised of tube frames and electro-welded mesh, assembled through precision welding. These frames are horizontally reinforced to prevent mesh wear over time.

A highlight of innovation is the design of the tube supporting the mesh, which incorporates lateral perforations for the insertion of the electro-welded mesh. This detail not only adds a distinctive touch to the structure but also introduces an effective and original anti-injury system. It guarantees a uniform surface across the structure, providing players with maximum safety by completely eliminating sharp edges or poor finishes. This balance between technology and attention to detail redefines the playing experience, raising the standards of safety and aesthetics in the world of padel.

With its greatest glass solidity and security, it’s set to redefine the game forever.

The construction of the backdrops for the glass is characterized by its exceptional robustness, starting with a top ring of structural tubing, composed of three unified pieces to reinforce the overall structure. This ring is integrated into the sides through mechanical unions to structural pillars, creating a cohesive and solid unit. The solidity of this assembly is reinforced by the support of the ring at the corners on structural pillars, ensuring a perfectly assembled framework.

Furthermore, the top part of the ring holds the supports for the glass, fixed by welding for total immobility, thus guaranteeing a secure and lasting glass installation. The base of the backdrops is made of a structural steel piece, specifically designed to house a guide that will facilitate the insertion of the glass, ensuring its perfect alignment.

The innovation doesn't end here; at the top of the glass, electro-welded mesh modules are integrated, joined to distinctive conical side pieces of our courts, through welding. This design not only improves aesthetics but also ensures a uniform bounce at the top of the court, significantly enhancing the playing experience.

Make it yours.

Customize every detail of your padel court and make it truly unique. Add your personal touch and elevate the padel experience to a whole new dimension.



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